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Know the Value.

Estate. Gift. Transaction. Marital Dissolution. Damages.


At Heiser Valuation Services, LLC, we value businesses in a variety of industries and for multiple purposes such as estate and gift taxation, transaction for buying or selling existing businesses, marital dissolution, Buy-sell agreements, and shareholder dissension. We also calculate damages for business interruption, personal injury, and wrongful death. In addition, we provide discount opinions for minority and fractional interests. 

We work with you and your clients to provide a value that combines business valuation theory and economic reality in a report that makes sense to the intended user.


​In instances of estate taxation involving entity ownership, the valuation of the interest (controlling, minority, or fractional) is necessary to file the IRS's estate tax return or to simply calculate a step-up in basis for the heirs. HV can calculate the value and write the appropriate report to fit the circumstances.

The same is true for gifting purposes. Whether the gift of an entity interest is controlling or minority and under the annual exclusion amount or is sizeable, HV provides the right value. In some instances, a detailed report is necessary but HV also offers lower-level reports such as summary and calculation reports to save you money. 

HV has considerable experience to calculate value and apply reasonable discounts when appropriate. 


When a business is part of a marital estate, the value of such interest should be properly valued to appropriately divide the assets between parties. HV offers such services in a timely and concise manner that will stand up in court. In addition, we offer the following services in the context of divorce:

  • provide a list of documents to request in discovery

  • draft questions to be used in courtroom testimony and cross-examination

  • assist in offering suggestions for settlement negotiations

  • calculate the present value of future retirement funds and other investments


​Buying or selling a business? It is imperative to calculate a reasonable value.

A buyer should not pay more than its worth. HV analyzes historical trends, the amount needed to replace equipment and other fixed assets on an average annual basis, real estate ownership, and ownership compensation so as not to inflate cash flows, and thus leading to an artificially high value. Furthermore, HV will perform calculations to ensure the buyer can cash flow the business with a reasonable purchase price and in a reasonable period of time.

Conversely, when selling a business, don't leave money on the table. HV will analyze historical cash flows to identify excessive expenses to omit prior to the sales process begins. Ideally, preparations for the sale of a business should begin three to five years prior to the desired transaction date. Ensure expenses are appropriate, the pricing structure is reasonable, etc. 


HV calculates the damages the result from personal injury, wrongful death, and business interruptions. We work closely with attorneys, insurance companies, and victims to understand circumstances to accurately calculate damages. Our reports are written in a manner that is understandable to any reader and will stand up in court. 

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​At Heiser Valuation Services, LLC (HV), we provide business appraisals and consulting for various purposes and a variety of industries. We pride ourselves on working with you or your clients to tailor our services to fit your needs. We spend the time to get to know you, your business, and your circumstances to meet and exceed your expectations. 

We don't offer cookie-cutter reports but rather perform the necessary analysis and write smart reports to ensure every reader can follow along with our calculations and reasoning.  We pride ourselves on writing concise yet thorough reports to "connect the dots" of business valuation theory and economic reality. 

About Ericka
Ericka Heiser, Heiser Valuation Services

About Ericka

​Prior to starting Heiser Valuation Services, Ericka served as the Director of Business Valuation Services for a western South Dakota firm for 14 years after working in the banking industry for nearly a dozen years.  Eager to get back to her Iowa roots, she and her family moved to Sioux City mid-2020.  

Ericka performs valuation analysis for various industries and for various purposes including estate, gift, marital dissolution, sales negotiations, etc.  In addition, she prepares damages calculations for personal injury, wrongful death, and business interruption. Ericka is experienced in courtroom testimony.  

Ericka earned her Bachelor of Science and Masters both in Business Administration from the University of South Dakota.  She is a Certified Valuation Analyst from the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts.  

In addition to her professional life, Ericka has a strong background serving the civic arena as the former President and Co-Founder of Day of Excellence, Inc., former Leadership South Dakota Board Member, former Chair of Leadership Rapid City, former Council President and Budget and Finance Council Member of South Canyon Lutheran Church, and former Treasurer of Canyon Lake Little League.  

Ericka and her husband, Chris, along with their three sons enjoy spending time in the outdoors. Ericka enjoys hiking, reading, cooking, and watching her sons play baseball.  




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